This is a collection of Prints and Ceramics I did as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, studying under Richard Shaw, Randy Hussong, and Ehren Tool, among other great artists.

This collection consists of a couple of series:
-A series of 6 Etchings with Aquatint done on Zinc Plates that were influenced by a trip to Mexico, my interest in old Western and Mariachi movies, and a bit of history and artistic references.
-A series of three mezzotint prints that referenced the "Dance of Death" as well as the physicality of the mezzotint process.
-A small collection of ceramic skulls, which totaled between 20-30 skulls.

Glazes, Underglazes, Decals. 2009 Underglazes, Glazes, Decals. 2009 Underglaze, Glazes, Decals. 2009 Underglazes, Decal. 2009 Etching, 11"x15". 2012 2-plate etching, 10"x15". 2008 4-plate etching, 13"x19".2008 Screen-print, 18"x24". 2012 Screen-print, 14"x14". 2008 Mezzotint, 10"x10". 2009 Mezzotint, 10"x22". 2008 Mezzotint, 22"x30". 2008 Deep Etch, 2008 10x10 Etching 10x10 Etching 15x22 Etching 15x22 Etching 15x22 Etching 15x22 Etching 15x22 Etching