I haven't been working much on art, and figured I should at least do some daily drawings to get my creativity flowing again. So I gave myself the task of doing at least a drawing a day with open theme, topic and medium... good or bad, I'll post them on here.
These drawings are on 7"x5" pieces of Strathmore, Stonehenge and Arches paper.

Ink and Acrylic Graphite Gouache, Pen and Ink Pens Sharpie Sharpie, graphite Sumi Brush, Ink Gouache Graphite Pen and Sharpie Sharpie Pen Acrylic Monotype Graphite and INk Graphite Gouache, Pen Pen and Ink, Gouache Pen and Ink Acrylic, Enamel Sharpie, White-Out, Micron pens Prismacolor Markers Micron Pens Ballpoint Pen, Gouache Graphite, Gouache Pen, Sharpie Graphite Pen Pen, Gouache Pen Pens graphite, Sharpie, Pen Micron Sharpie, White-Out Brush and Ink, Watercolor Sharpie, Pen Gouache, Pen Sharpie, Acrylic Acrylic Sharpie Pen Sharpie Sharpie Pen, Sharpie Gouache Gouache, Sharpie Gouache, Pen and ink, Sharpie Gouache Pen and Ink, Gouache Dust/Dirt Sharpie Graphite Graphite, Pen Sharpie, Pen Graphite Gouache Pen Graphite Pen Graphite Sharpie, Pen, Graphite Sharpie Pen Sharpie, Pen, Graphite Pen Graphite, Gouache Pen, sharpie Gouache Graphite Pen Pen Pen